How to Use Artificial Intelligence…

Despite first being coined in 1956, we’ve barely scratched the surface when it comes to Artificial Intelligence (AI) – it is, for the most part, a largely untapped space. While the mainstream traction of ChatGPT and DALL.E certainly thrust intelligent solutions into the limelight, few actually know how to ‘harness’ their power outside of content generation.

Matilda Rose Moir

In short AI, and other intelligent solutions are invaluable in helping businesses identify the best channels, audiences and messages to drive ROI, and we’ve already seen some of the largest tech giants in the industry move towards fully data-driven media products – powered by AI. It’s not something to be afraid of! It is, for the most part, a powerful tool for you to have in your arsenal. Utilizing the products readily available, you can use intelligent solutions to leverage quicker, and smarter decisions, across key channels, namely; Media, Commerce and Creative.

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With the shift in capabilities, modern-day marketers need to consider the integration of AI/ML within their digital strategies – and here’s how…

1: Intelligence Within Media

There are three ways businesses can immediately start applying, and integrating the use of AI/ML or Automation in their media strategy:

  • Improving SEO
  • Optimizing Ad Copy
  • Streamlining Media Planning & Buying

2: Intelligence Within Commerce

The increased maturity of intelligent solutions has made it easier (and cheaper) for brands to connect with, and target consumers with relevant products across multiple platforms. This is especially true when it comes to commerce. With this in mind, there are three areas where businesses can leverage intelligent solutions to bolster their commerce offering:

  • Enriched Content
  • Product Optimization
  • Increased Consumer Engagement

3: Intelligence Within Creative

Looking specifically at Generative AI, it will be both transformative and disruptive for that of the creative sector, especially across:

  • Creative Ideation & Production
  • Optimizing Creative Performance

We’re on the ‘cusp’ of an intelligence revolution! And we all need to be onboard. Learning how to be more efficient, and relearning the roles that each of us is going to have to play in the digital world. How the world will look in six months time is anyone’s guess – all we can do is make educated predictions on what intelligent solutions can, and will do for the industry.

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