Incubeta in Conversation: Rolling the Dice with Golden Nugget

At Incubeta, we have the opportunity to work with some of the biggest and best brands in the world where we’re committed to upgrading our clients’ growth and our close partnerships with their teams are integral to our continued success together. With that in mind, we’re pleased to introduce our latest series ‘Incubeta in Conversation’. We’ll be sitting down with our clients, having candid conversations with the experts that make the work we do possible.

Danielle Moyer

To kickstart the series, Incubeta’s Head of Delivery, Craig Brown spoke to Samir Banerjee, Marketing Director at Golden Nugget Online Gaming to get his thoughts on the dynamic iGaming industry – how it’s changing, and how we find success together.

Golden Nugget is one of the premier online gaming brands in the United States, specializing in casino and sports betting with operations currently in New Jersey and Michigan. We’ve had the pleasure of working with them since the beginning of 2021, providing performance data and media buying services on Google, including paid search, YouTube, UAC, and Playstore.

1: Given the past year or so and the changes we’ve seen, what are your thoughts on the current nature of digital marketing in the iGaming industry?

A lot has changed, of course. We’ve expanded and grown as states open up and sports betting reaches the federal stage, and so have competitors. We see a lot happening with the digital marketing landscape, as Google now certifies spend on their advertising platforms and Facebook accelerates its investment and promotion of the iGaming industry. It’s really opened up the possibilities of digital, and we’ve actually been able to reach a wider audience. 

2: How can the industry, and our partnership, get better at using data to make smarter decisions?

It’s all about data. We can follow the consumer’s data journey, learning more about their behavior, and more importantly, how we can serve their needs in the way they want. We’re able to discern between more casual players and true gamblers and tailor our strategies accordingly. You also have to look on the side of responsible gaming, ensuring consumers understand regulations and are comfortable on your site.

3: With all the competition, how does Golden Nugget differentiate itself?

Our brand has really worked for us – the iconic Golden Nugget casino has been in Las Vegas since 1946, and now we’re online. We always make sure our players have the real customer experience and that we’re innovating [in our space]. Back in 2016, Golden Nugget was the first in America to introduce live dealers, and we try to make things a lot easier in terms of deposits, withdrawals, and customer service. We have the largest library of games in New Jersey. Striving to be the best casino that we can possibly be for our patrons is what Golden Nugget’s differentiator is all about.

4: Finally, what does the future look like for Golden Nugget?

We have plans of expanding into three different states in the next few months: West Virginia, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Our goal is to be in 8 to 12 markets by the end of 2022. I like that Incubeta is taking a state-by-state approach, looking at different stages of marketing and operational cycles and tailoring what we look for in terms of our key successes/KPIs. It’s been a great pleasure for us to put that all together, and we’re glad that Incubeta is up to the challenge [with new launches].

Click here to watch the full episode, Incubeta in Conversation: Rolling the Dice with Golden Nugget.


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