Incubeta’s Essential Guide to a Privacy-First Future

In September 2020, Apple initially released their iOS 14 update which allows users to opt out of tracking across iOS apps and websites using Apple’s device identifier. This will essentially block the collection of first party cookies of the users who have opted out which will significantly limit the amount of data advertisers will be able to collect about their users. As one of the largest advertising platforms, Facebook is going to be one of the most affected apps by this change- as discussed in our latest blog; iOS14 – The End of the World as We Know It?

Matilda Rose Moir

Furthermore, Google announced that they will be following the likes of Safari and Firefox – rolling out a phased approach of blocking third party cookies from its Chrome browsers over the next 2 years.

With two big changes in the space of a year that drastically impact both the privacy landscape and the way we advertise, what lies in store for the future of measurement. In short, how do we as marketers prepare, and build for a privacy first world.

Why Now?

There has been an increase in demand from users for additional privacy concerning the data collected from them, specifically linked to the cookies collected across their devices. As a result,  new data privacy regulations and restrictions have come into effect, focusing around the collection of first party personal data with additional requirements around user consent.

How is this Relevant?

This is relevant to every digital advertiser globally as 1st and 3rd party cookies play a crucial role in our targeting efforts. 1st party cookies are used to remarket and retarget users based on their activities on an app or website – as well as tracking sales, goals and revenue. 3rd party cookies are a key component of programmatic efforts as they allow us access to data based on users’ browsing patterns and interests on other websites. They are the foundation of key targeting methods such as ‘In-Market’ and ‘Affinity’ audiences which are both large drivers of ad relevance.

How to Prepare?

The million dollar question for all advertisers. While both iOS14 and Google’s announcement are both relatively new to the industry, with the the overarching effects remaining uncertain, we can expect the following to happen:

  • Cookies will continue to degrade overtime
  • The industry will move towards a more aggregated and anonymized measurement and data collection
  • The volume of observable conversion data is going to decrease across all platforms

So what does this mean for advertisers and how can we manage the change? Download our Essential Guide to a Privacy-First Future to find out more.

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