Incubeta’s Ignition Series: A Story of Growth, Collaboration, & Global Expansion

In an industry where change is the only constant, learning and development is pivotal. Incubeta, like many other organizations, recognizes the need for continuous upskilling and cross-skilling to thrive in an ever-evolving environment. Our internal knowledge sharing program, the Ignition Series is a testament to our commitment to staying agile and innovative. We are proud of the Incubeta Cape Town L&D team who embarked on a mission to revamp the way we shared knowledge within our organization. Here’s how they did it. 

Lianne Godfrey & Melinda Mwamanda

Before the re-launch our existing knowledge-sharing sessions had become disjointed. “Trainers had free reign on what they wanted to share. Our content ranged from interactive sessions, dry monologues to platform demos causing misalignment and confusion among team members.” says Lianne Godfrey, Head of L&D (Africa, Asia and Australia). This marked the beginning of the Ignition Series, a comprehensive L&D program that aimed to tackle these challenges head-on.

Why Did We Launch the Ignition Series?

The need for a new and improved L&D program was evident as knowledge sharing had stagnated, with disjointed sessions and dwindling attendance. Team members were unsure of what to expect from these sessions, leading to an imbalance between effort in and value out. “To address these challenges, we launched the Ignition Series with a humorous and engaging session that explained our vision and structured approach. We wanted to emphasize that the Ignition Series wasn’t just about sharing knowledge; it was an opportunity to bond, laugh, and connect with colleagues, creating a more positive and dynamic learning environment.” – Lianne Godfrey.

The Evolution of Ignition Series

Over time, the Ignition Series has grown from a local initiative into a global phenomenon. What began as a solution to our local knowledge-sharing challenges evolved into a cultural catalyst within our South African office. It provided a safe space for staff, from junior to senior levels, to develop their presentation skills. Our teams gained confidence, honed their skills, and applied them effectively in client interactions and training. 

Ignition Series and Ignite 360: A Perfect Match

Coupled with the live Ignition Series sessions, we also upload the slide deck and recording to our learning management system Ignite 360. This enables our colleagues globally to access and benefit from the diverse knowledge and skills shared by the South African team. Turning our local knowledge sharing initiative into a global resource through Ignite 360 has been instrumental in expanding the program’s reach and impact. In 2022, our Ignition Series content consistently ranked among the most engaged content on Ignite 360.

The Future of Ignition Series

Thanks to the triumph of our local Ignition Series and the successful subsequent launch of the APAC Ignition Series earlier this year, interest from other regions has surged. We’ve been approached by teams from different offices, like the Northern European team, who wish to launch their own version of the Ignition Series sessions. Additionally, the US Summer School has adopted elements of Ignition Series, possibly paving the way for a US Ignition Series in the future.

The program has evolved to become an integral part of our company culture, and it continues to inspire and connect our teams worldwide. As we look to the future, the Ignition Series might just be on the path to world domination, one knowledge-sharing session at a time. Stay tuned for more exciting developments in this remarkable journey of learning and growth.

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