New Domo Feature: Dashboards

Domo has recently released new Dashboarding functionality within their platform. This is a shift away from the Page – Collection – Card way of organising visualisations, towards the more typical organisation people expect from the term dashboard. This move allows Domo to emulate much more closely what people have been building in Tableau, PowerBI and Google Data Studio.


Before Dashboards in Domo:

With Dashboards in Domo:

With this dashboarding functionality there is now much more flexibility in the organisation and sizing of cards for the content’s end users.

In the Page – Collection – Card paradigm it was almost impossible to control with detail what pages looked like to users. This was because the cards placed on a page would organise themselves in a responsive-like fashion, depending on the users’ screen size. This meant that 2 cards which were side-by-side on your screen might appear one beneath the other on the users’ screens.

The dashboarding functionality puts an end to that. 2 cards placed side-by-side will always be side-by-side. If the screen does not fit them, then one of them will simply hang off the edge of the screen.

To showcase what this new functionality is capable of, I have designed a dashboard within Domo showing some statistics about Australia from the Australian Bureau of Statistics and the Reserve Bank of Australia. This data was collected into Domo using the built-in Quandl connector.

Within a Domo dashboard all the functionality of the cards remains so it is still possible to slice and dice the data as you wish within the dashboard. Have a look at the quick video to see this in action.

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