Prepare for 2022 with 10 Digital Marketing Tips

Privacy, cookies, eCommerce and the use of data are among the relevant topics of another year of intense growth related to digital platforms, but expectations continue, especially in Mexico, that the trend will increase.


There will also be more competition. An IAB study reports that for the following year in Mexico, half of the companies plan to allocate 55% of their advertising investment to digital channels. 98% of those that already did, plan to increase the budget, strengthen or open their eCommerce.

So it’s time to start planning for 2022 and consider 10 very valuable tips from Google and the consulting firm e-Marketer to produce a concrete strategy that attracts new customers or consolidates your eCommerce efforts:

  1. Protect user privacy. Respect the consent options you granted in exchange for added value and safeguard your data. This will help gain their trust.
  2. Invest in your own data strategy. The objective is to link all the sources of first party data, that is, the information that the client gives you directly.
  3. Allocate resources to a base of information storage, labeling and measurement. The above helps to know the performance of each campaign and Marketing action. There are solutions or data collection and management tools that are safe to maintain the privacy of consumers.
  4. Connect with customers. The organization must be customer centric to know their needs, so you need to interact with them in a meaningful way.
  5. Put measurement labels on your properties so you know when a customer buys, how long they stay, what their digital journey is like, etc.
  6. Plan omnichannel strategy, in social networks, internet sites and in traditional physical stores.
  7. Achieve the best user experience with relevant content to stand out and deliver extra value to consumers, not only focus on selling them something, but also that there is a genuine interaction.
  8. Identify the target audience and personalize the experience. 
  9. Establish long-term relationships by honoring agreements, delivering, or being proactive to rectify any eventuality to build loyalty.
  10.  Try new strategies or change to see what works.

The idea is to preserve the performance of digital marketing in favor of the business so the previous steps must be combined. For example, the consent management platform must be integrated with the analysis and measurement tools to have comprehensive modeling, better results and campaigns with a great user experience.

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