Protect Your Brand with Brand Gating on Amazon

To make sure that third-party sellers don’t destroy your good name, Amazon has come up with a tool that lets you secure your brand and prevent counterfeits. We call this Brand Gating. Here’s how it works and what you can do.


What is Brand Gating?

Brand Gating on Amazon prevents product counterfeits, allowing businesses to block unauthorized sellers on Amazon that violate and taint your brand.

This means that if a third-party seller wants to sell your product on Amazon, they will have to ask for your explicit permission.

The Benefits of Brand Gating

Your brand stands for specific values, has its own visual identity, and is vital for the reputation and growth of your business. The most successful brands know how to consistent communicate a specific and distinct image, feel, tone of voice, personality, and narrative.

Brands that are strong, consistent, and trusted by audiences achieve higher sales and more loyal customers.

It’s hard to build a successful brand, let alone to trust third-parties to uphold your brand’s guidelines. Many times, they won’t.

This is where Amazon Brand Gating comes in.

  • Approve of third-party sellers before they resell your products
  • Ensure customers don’t accidentally buy knock-offs or have poor customer experiences
  • Uphold your brand guidelines and standards whilst driving sales through third-party sales

How to Get Started with Brand Gating on Amazon

There are a few conditions that you have to meet before your can gate your brand on Amazon. First of all, you must identify yourself as the authorized owner. To do so, your brand must be registered in the country where you sell your product(s). You also need to have an active Amazon account.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Join Amazon’s Brand Registry.
  2. Provide the Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs) of all the products you want to gate. If you sell different products, prioritize the most important ones first.
  3. Show Amazon the efforts you’ve made with your anti-counterfeit efforts. They prioritize brands that actively protect themselves against counterfeiting.
  4. Provide Amazon with your Seller ID.

Once set-up is complete, third-party sellers will have to ask for your approval before they can resell your products. This approval process requires them to pass performance checks, pay certain fees, provide Amazon with invoices from manufacturers, and supply written authorization from your brand that they can, in fact, reseller your products.

Need Support? 

If you need some help getting your brand gated or have any questions, reach out to us!

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