Sh*t’s Hit The Fan… So What Do You Do?

We live in a world of consistent change which can mean a whole host of things; new legislation, behavioral shifts, a global virus, war, climate change, looming recession and so on. And as marketers, we tend not to like change. Why? Because change equals uncertainty, which equals chaos. 

Matilda Rose Moir

Let’s look at Artificial Intelligence as an example. With recent progress in technological advancements AI has caused a stir in the industry, changing the things we can do and the way in which we do them. This led to uncertainty from businesses and individuals alike – what does this mean, should I be using AI, will this change things for me? Which ultimately led to chaos, or chaotic thinking – is AI taking over? Will I be replaced? Is this going to change everything we do? 

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And we get it, change can be stressful, especially when sh*t hits the fan and throws a global recession, financial instability and economic unrest in your face. But we shouldn’t be burying our heads in the sand – we should be riding the wave of opportunity (for want of a different phrase). Which is exactly what we discussed at our latest event – how to master the art of chaos and ‘cash in’ on uncertainty.

The Art of Chaos; Opportunity in Times of Change

Hosted in Google Berlin, and joined by Zalando, Delivery Hero, MYCS and Hello Fresh, Incubeta took to the stage to break down the stigma associated with change – discussing how to creatively approach the challenges that 2023 and beyond may present, and how to seek opportunity. The presentations included:

  • Enhancing Performance with Creative Intelligence
  • Changing Times, Changing Tech: The AI Opportunity
  • Marketing in Times of Change – panel discussion
  • The Superpower of Resilience 

Top 5 Takeaways

With Change, Comes Opportunity: The most important thing to remember is that with change comes great opportunity – you just have to harness it. Creative thinking often happens in times of chaos, it’s a breeding ground for opportunity. Half of all the Fortune 500 companies (such as Disney, P&G, Microsoft and LinkedIn) were created during periods of change, chaos and unrest. 

Growth is a Mindset: You need to harness the power of change and chaos – bridging the gap between uncertainty and certainty. Using chaos as a catalyst for success – forcing you to be creative, and think outside of the box. To truly embrace change, and ‘master the art of chaos’ you need to create a culture and mindset to grow. We must consider using chaos to leapfrog ourselves into using more sophisticated solutions (ones we might previously have deemed too complex or unnecessary). 

Agility = Flexibility = Resilience: Being agile means developing a mindset of testing and learning to push new frontiers; becoming flexible and resilient to change. As we move into a new era of volatility and demand, brands need to become resilient – harnessing intelligent solutions to drive performance and enhance their brand experience. Like Incubeta did with the global beauty brand, L’Oréal… 

AI Empowers Marketers: Artificial Intelligence, and intelligent solutions are enabling us to unlock a world of creativity – driving powerful marketing efficiencies. Leveraging Google’s AI capabilities will allow marketers to strengthen direct relationships, power performance and adopt a ‘test, learn & scale’ mindset, to truly grow in a fragmented world.

Being Coached in Resilience: When we’re faced with chaos and ambiguity, our natural response, as humans, is to feel out of control – often causing us to favor certainty over uncertainty. Genetically, we’re not programmed to be resilient, but we can nourish it as a skill, teaching ourselves to learn resilience through the use of Context, Content and Conduct. Being brutally honest with ourselves, learning what’s important – what should we prioritize, and learning to act with determination and hope.

To hear more from our panelists, and watch the full webinar, access the recording here: The Art of Chaos | Opportunity in Times of Change

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