The Art of Chaos

For many brands, 2023 promises to be an uncertain and unpredictable time. Financial instability is at an all-time high, third-party cookies are on their way out, and consumers are demanding more from brands than ever before. As marketers we’re having to be more sustainable, more relatable, and more accessible – which is making it increasingly harder to control what can only be described as ‘chaos’.


With the throes of economic downturn taking hold, many are asking how they can ‘master the chaos’ – creatively navigating times of uncertainty while taking challenges and turning them into areas of opportunity. 

We asked our Global CEO, Lars, just that – what his top three priorities are when it comes to navigating uncertainty:

  1. Data; trust and invest in your data. Opting for a data driven approach to your marketing will remove the guesswork and allow you to make informed, agile decisions. You’ll be able to future-proof your business, while understanding, and responding to real time fluctuations in consumer demand.
  2. Teamwork; trust and invest in the people around you. Your team is the most valuable asset you have as an organization, especially throughout periods of unrest. If you increase the value you place on employees you can also increase your company’s profitability and bolster external perceptions. Your team should be your biggest investment throughout uncertain times.
  3. Gut Feeling; trust (and believe) your gut instinct. Your intuition is as valuable as the data around you. Use this to your advantage and truly believe in what your gut is telling you to do. 

Want to learn how to ‘cash in’ on the chaos around you? Lars and other industry changemakers took to the stage to discuss just that. Watch our latest Global event, The Art of Chaos, where we discussed how to make the most of your marketing, how to accept uncertainty, and how to survive, and thrive, in times of uncertainty. 

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