The Top 10 Most Searched Keywords on Amazon in Europe and the UK (July 2022)

You saw the top 10 Amazon keywords for June 2022, now here they are for July!

Check out the top ten most searched keywords on Amazon for Germany, Spain, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, the Netherlands, and Sweden.


What are we seeing overall?

For one thing, summer is definitely upon us. The hunt for ventilators, fans, pools, air conditioners, and all things made for cooling us down for the season (especially the portable kind) are consistently high in the charts. Of course, we witnessed insane heat waves across Europe and the UK, so it comes as no surprise.

However, Amazon shoppers from the UK seemed to be boiling this July, what with their entire list made up of things to save them from the heat. Have you ever heard of a neck fan? Apparently it’s very popular amongst the British.

This July, we also had Prime Day. If you were curious of the kind of products people look for during sale seasons, the lists below could give you a good indication: Aside from the summer items, gadgets and toys for kids are incredibly popular categories.

The iPhone 13, PlayStation 5, and Legos have been consistent in these lists, at least since June of 2022. However, other surprising hits come up too. The Chinese electronics brand, Xiaomi, seems to be gaining traction in Spain, while Barbie is making a comeback in Sweden.

Fun Fact: The most searched for product/keyword on Amazon across these countries (both for June and July) is the Ventilator/Fan!

GERMANY – Top 10 Most Searched Keywords on Amazon (July, 2022)

  1. shameless
  2. lego
  3. ventilator
  4. sommerkleid damen
  5. alexa
  6. paw patrol
  7. heizlufter
  8. bikini damen
  9. badehose herren
  10. nintendo switch

SPAIN – Top 10 Most Searched Keywords on Amazon (July, 2022)

  1. ventilador
  2. aire acondicionado portatil
  3. auriculares inalambricos
  4. ventilador de pie
  5. alexa
  6. sandalias mujer
  7. iphone 13
  8. xiaomi
  9. iphone
  10. altavoz bluetooth

FRANCE – Top 10 Most Searched Keywords on Amazon (July, 2022)

  1. ventilateur
  2. climatiseur mobile
  3. climatiseur
  4. piscine
  5. ventilateur sur pied
  6. vernis semi permanent
  7. maillot de bain femme 2 pieces
  8. coque iphone 11
  9. ps5
  10. coque iphone 13

THE UNITED KINGDOM – Top 10 Most Searched Keywords on Amazon (July, 2022)

  1. fan
  2. air conditioner
  3. fans
  4. fans cooling quiet bedroom
  5. paddling pool
  6. neck fan
  7. air conditioning unit
  8. swimming pool
  9. portable air conditioner
  10. tower fan

ITALY – Top 10 Most Searched Keywords on Amazon (July, 2022)

  1. ventilatore
  2. cuffie bluetooth
  3. birkenstock donna
  4. condizionatore
  5. iphone 13
  6. smartwatch
  7. condizionatore portatile
  8. climatizzatore portatile
  9. piscina fuori terra
  10. occhiali da sole da uomo

THE NETHERLANDS – Top 10 Most Searched Keywords on Amazon (July, 2022)

  1. airtag
  2. ventilator
  3. swembad
  4. lego
  5. fan
  6. iphone 13
  7. airco
  8. playstation 5
  9. ps5
  10. nintendo switch

SWEDEN – Top 10 Most Searched Keywords on Amazon (July, 2022)

  1. *
  2. lego
  3. magic the gathering
  4. lego star wars
  5. ps5
  6. playstation 5
  7. stranger things
  8. elscooter
  9. barbie
  10. kindle

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