This is what you can do with Amazon Custom

Amazon Custom is a separate store on where shoppers can customize your products with their text, images, colors and logo’s. Amazon offers these customized products on the platform and in the ‘department’ specified by the retailer.


A diary with a name on it, a smartphone case with an image of your favorite club or in a custom color: Amazon offers customers the option of shoppers adapting or personalizing their products. The platform thus jumps in on making products even more ‘unique’ in this time of personalization.

This service also became available in 2018 via the German site of Amazon and is being rolled out worldwide.

Amazon offers the tools via Amazon Custom. This is a feature set that allows sellers to offer customizable and make-on-demand products to Amazon customers. Amazon Custom is really a separate store within Amazon. Amazon ensures that these customized products are displayed on both the regular pages and the special custom page.

Available personalization options

Within Amazon Custom it is possible to offer three different types of personalization:

Text Customization:

With text customization, customers can add text to your products using color and font options that you have specified in advance. This option can be used for engraving, printing, painting and more.

Image Customization

This allows customers to customize your product by uploading their own image, but there is also the option for the customer to add text to the image.

Product Configuration

With product configuration you can make a menu that customers can use to build their own product. With this function you can also charge extra costs for selected adjustment options.

How do you start using it?

You can register as a retailer on Amazon Custom, the you get access and you have the option to specify your list of products for customization. Via the Seller Central tool, you can then build your “experience” and sell your products to millions of Amazon customers.

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