Touch-Tell-Sell audience targeting next-level

By using relevant touchpoints, inventory sources and messaging strategies across every step in the funnel, we make sure digital marketing budgets are spent in the smartest way possible.

Michael Ossendrijver

The Incubeta Touch-Tell-Sell model will help you connect with customers at the right moments with the right message. Advanced and new targeting options in DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM), the DSP from Google, enables us to target your campaigns by demographic, affinity, in-market, and similar audience profiles. This will help you reach users who are most likely to care about your brand or product. These targeting options complement any first and third-party data you may already be using in Bid Manager.

Reach customers throughout all stages of the purchase funnel

We use Bid Manager’s new targeting options to help you reach new and existing customers throughout the desired phases of the touch-tell-sell funnel.

TOUCH – targeting options in DBM

Demographic: Demographic targeting is what it sounds like – a way to find your target by age and gender. It can help you reach a specific target based on stage of life to continue to serve the most relevant messages to consumers. This will help you fill the upper funnel and make initial contact with customers in their awareness phase.
Affinity: Affinity audiences can help you move beyond demographics and reach people who care about your brand. With over 80 unique personas based on lifestyle and interests, affinity audiences mimic the depth and breadth of TV-style audiences, so you can engage with precise audiences at scale. When reaching the right customer affinity targeting is very helpful. Combine demographic & affinity targeting with distinctive messaging to highlight a unique campaign element or brand element. We love using video, engaging mobile ad formats and smart content integrations in the touch phase.

TELL – targeting options in DBM

In our Tell phase we connect consumers to actual product or service propositions inline with the Touch messaging. We love using dynamic creative elements, social media advertising and combining first+third party data in this phase. DBM helps us with in-market and similar audiences targeting options to make this phase successful.
In-market: Difference between affinity targeting and in-market targeting is that in-market audiences are actively browsing, researching or comparing the types of products you sell. Re-connect with those most interested in what you have to offer, using precise segments that classify users based on their demonstrated in-market behaviour and purchase intent.
Similar audiences: Similar audiences looks at data about your existing remarketing audiences and finds new and qualified consumers who have shared interests with that audience. It’s a powerful – but simple – way to reach a much larger audience and drive clicks and conversions among new prospects.

SELL – targeting options in DBM

Remarketing – The difference between campaign success of failure. Through the use of first-party-data and dynamic messaging, we implement fully customized Dynamic Creative Retargeting strategies that turn consumers into customers, and that turn customers into returning, loyal clients. Our data geeks know how to look beyond the cookie and understand the actual value of a conversion. For a successful remarketing strategy you need to implement or embed a pixel on your site. As people visit your website, their cookie is added to the remarketing list. This will enable you to target messages only to visitors whose cookies are on this list.

Affinity targeting for our clients

When your message reaches the right audience, you’ll see higher engagement and improved performance. For our client wijzonol, a paint supplier, we used affinity targeting to target DIY and home & garden enthusiasts. This targeting showed high conversion rates. Much higher than regular targeted RTB inventory via other DSPs. Get in touch with your local account manager to get started with these new targeting options.

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