Upgrade Your Growth with Julia Zheng – Growth Marketing Manager at DraftKings

Among others, iGaming is one of the more fast paced and growing industries within the digital space. With steadily burgeoning technological advancements, the gaming industry is booming, and to succeed, iGaming brands need to be consistently transitioning – focusing on analytics, and data driven strategies. Operating under a forward thinking approach that thrives for search excellence.

Julia Zheng

Within this drive for excellency, brands should be considering the following:

Automation: such as Smart Bidding, Budget Management & Seasonality Prediction

Audience: such as Establishing User Profiles, Ad Copy Manipulation & Keyword Reach Strategy  

Assets: such as Mobile Speed

Ads: such as Creative Excellence

Attribution: such as Non Last Click Attribution

Forward Thinking 

To succeed within the industry, brands need to be forward thinking, identifying how they can be a top player in the market, and defining their market position. To ‘come out strong’ this involves prioritizing tactics that emphasise reach, expand Share Of Voice, and utilize data-driven methods and measurements.

Moving into 2021, it’s crucial to consider efficiency, growth sustention and the process of up-scaling. Brands should be asking themselves how they’ll grow within the competitive landscape, and how they can increase their efficiency while continuing to acquire incremental audiences.

The Four Pillars of Search

While the focus over the last year has been on measurement, data and testing, these are only half the success story. Looking forward, it’s important to view search as a combination of four pillars, or principles . 

Measurement and Data: such as data integration, baselines & attribution and pacing & forecasting

Automation: such as bid automation, dynamic ad copies and robust data reporting

Testing: such as product-agnostic experience, incrementality, message testing and campaign structure 

Teams and Operations: such as human resources, engineering support and product & project management

Evolution of DraftKings

DraftKings is an American fantasy sports contest and betting operator that is a fast growing company within the gaming industry. Having expanded rapidly over the last two years, DraftKings spent the majority of 2019 laying the groundwork for their global marketing strategy – building out their go-to-market plan, and refining their approach to focus on tagging, tracking and overall brand expansion.

2020 was a real year of growth for DraftKings as they focused on building out their infrastructure – integrating with MMP providers, and redefining their attribution framework across all growth channels. From here, they were able to analyze the cross channel impact of their paid social efforts, view their channels holistically, implement forecasting and measure true performance.   

Looking to 2021 and beyond, DraftKings will be focusing on enhancing their sophistication. Redefining metrics and establishing buy efficiency. In their bid for granularity they’ll be focusing on incrementality insights and cross-channel measurement to improve overall brand status and optimize spend. 

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