What’s Next with Generative AI?

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While attending the Google Next Conference last month I was inundated with the truth about GenAI and what it actually means for us as marketers. Sure, the capabilities and possibilities are rife , but we can’t forget to be realistic and take GenAI at face value. To quote one of the speakers “GenAI skills are comparable to a college intern” – and you wouldn’t let an intern dictate your entire strategy would you…

Joe Park

However, being realistic doesn’t take away from the benefits and upcoming possibilities that GenAI has to offer to transform companies and enable business growth. 

From a Data Analytics or Science perspective, GenAI will become instrumental in democratizing data to ensure that everyone from marketing, finance, and business teams are leveraging a consistent and accurate data set for planning. Its ability to accurately deliver insights so everyone can make informed decisions is revolutionary. 

Take Google’s GenAI tool Gemini as an example:

In Gemini you will be able to upload video, reports, tables etc. and request a summary consolidating those multi-modal files. If the video is of, say, the latest earnings call and the table details 6-month sales by region and month, you could query, “which region has the highest sales featured in the latest earnings call” or, “how many times did the earnings call reference company A?”

Google has also introduced Canvas (namely for Data Scientists using BigQuery) “a language driven data-to-insights experience for data professionals to work with their data”. Dubbed the ‘new way to cloud’, the incorporation of AI accelerates data insights and helps create graphical data workflows that map to your mental model while finding, preparing, analyzing, visualizing and sharing data and insights. 

Canvas allows you to:

  • Find data with context based retrieval
  • Assist in building SQL codes based on natural language commands
  • Generate charts with natural language commands to visualize data
  • Automate data insights by querying ‘what are the key takeaways?’ 

GenAI is and will be pervasive, not only for analysts and data scientists, but also for the general public – it can be used for a whole host of purposes such as summarizing content into any language, or recommending products for customers to purchase online based on a query referencing uploaded videos.

From a more novel standpoint, GenAI could also, as demonstrated by Google, do a play-by-play for a mini-golf tournament, or coach specialized movements like putting in golf and kicking a soccer ball

There is so much more that GenAI can, and will do in the future that it’s too much to cover in this short write-up. While we are tempering our expectations, GenAI’s future is bright – much like a highly coveted college intern.

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