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Eden Viaggi boosts reach 15.3% with DV360 frequency management. Maximizing Reach Efficiency with Display and Video 360.

“Orchestrating digital investments to
optimize digital performance is one of our
main objectives. The results obtained with
this campaign allow us to achieve additional
value and minimize platform costs.”
Stefano Ponari
Digital Advertising Manager, Alpitour S.p.A.


Eden Viaggi wanted to launch a new Campaign in May-June 2023 to increase awareness and brand consideration in preparation for the upcoming summer peak season.

Maximizing reach efficiency as well as lifting brand metrics, validated by 3rd-party measurement partners, was key for the campaign’s success.

Our response was to combine different media types, including Youtube and DV360 known for its sophisticated targeting capabilities, to make sure to reach its core target on multiple environments.


The key to the success of our strategy was the utilization of Google Marketing Platforms, specifically the implementation of DV360.

Our approach involved developing tailor-made solutions to ensure the campaigns performed well and drove growth. With a focus on optimizing the integration and performance of various advertising channels, we turned our attention to Display and Video 360 (DV360). This powerful platform allowed us to consolidate all of the media buying activities, offering a cohesive approach to managing and optimizing the campaigns across multiple media types.

To maximize both reach and efficiency, we placed a strong emphasis on leveraging campaign-level frequency caps to manage ad exposure across different media types. This approach allowed the company to measure the additional unique users reached due to frequency management, while simultaneously reducing media waste and user overexposure.

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