Levering Real Time Data Optimizing Display Performance

“In our partnership we have a shared goal: to challenge each other to create new innovative elements for every campaign. It is wonderful to see this effort pay off with positive campaign results.”
Nick Brandts
Direct Sales Manager at Transavia


Ski holidays can be an incredibly important piece of business for travel companies. With this in mind, Transavia wanted to an innovative way to entice consumers with competitive pricing and increase their bookings. Incubeta was tasked with helping the airline take advantage of the unpredictability of snowfall in top ski destinations where they fly, incorporating real-time data on snowfall and heights into their display advertising.

Our goals were simple; Integrate real-time snow height data into display ads, optimize performance of display campaigns and reach consumers with highly relevant advertising.


We started by partnering with weather specialist, Meteovista, for data integration.  When fresh snow fell, Meteovista tracked the height in real time. This weather data was then sent to Meteovista in the Netherland – which was shared with us, and entered into our database. This triggered the campaign across every platform (Display, Premium Display, Facebook and Digital-out-of-Home). Creatives were adjusted to show current snow height and indicate fresh snowfall.

From here we automated process of updating display creative as data changes in real-time – ensuring that updated ads were consistent and accurate across all display platforms.

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