Increasing Visibility for The National Gallery of Australia A Spotlight on the Customer Journey


As part of its digital engagement, the National Gallery of Australia reports on its digital marketing spend, campaign results, customer behaviour, sales and attendance at ticketed exhibitions and events.

While the National Gallery team had visibility of results on their website and advertising channels, they were missing a key component – how was traffic acquired and converted through its third-party ticketing partner Ticketek. The Gallery sought to understand the full 360-degree path from acquisition via ads, referrals and search through to all the way to the conversion page on


We implemented a system that collected the data from the sale confirmation page and sent this back to Google Analytics.

Our solution provided a painless and easily integrated solution that the ticketing partner could readily add to their site and which complied with their requirements, as well as also providing a direct line of sight from their advertising campaigns through to the ticket sales.

Incubeta helped the Gallery understand which acquisition channels were delivering the most effective conversion to ticket sales. Our solution provided highly detailed sales metrics by acquisition channels and behaviour, which the Gallery had not been previously able to access.

They now have an enriched understanding of the customer journey, full visibility over ticket sales and hard analytics to support historic assumptions. In future, this solution with further benefit the NGA team in contributing to structural website improvements, measuring exhibition performance over time, increase channel performance insights and importantly, ROI.

Incubeta worked with, and delivered a number of large projects with museums, libraries and government organisations, each of whom have individual requirements. Our understanding of customer journey mapping, tech development and data made it easy for us to develop a solution for the National Gallery of Australia.

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