Smart Shopping with Marionnaud Maximizing Margins


Luxury perfumeries and cosmetic brand Marionnaud wanted to increase the visibility and sales of their high margin, more profitable brands for the business, whilst becoming more efficient on their lower margin items.


We started by asking Marionnaud to share a list categorising all brands sold on site into Low, Medium and High Margin so we could split out the Shopping activity into 3 campaigns.

To ensure we were increasing visibility of High margin items, we allocated a higher budget to the High Margin campaign as well as a lower ROAS target of 50%, to make sure the Google algorithm pushed those brands as much as possible. 

We set a 300% ROAS target to the medium margin campaign, and assigned the highest ROAS target (600%) to the Low Margin campaign, to ensure that the spend within that campaign was being allocated towards the highest converting users, thus allowing us to be more efficient on low margin items.

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