Managing Tag Migration for SurfStitch Creating a Seamless Transition


For The SurfStitch Group,  creating and launching a new website comes with numerous potential financial and performance risks. In order to create a seamless transition, SurfStitch needed to ensure that interruptions to customer visitation and transactions were minimised, user experience was deemed superior to the legacy site and that technically the sites performance and functionality were both operable and measurable.

Our challenge centred on ensuring that the behind the scenes implementation of tagging was executed seamlessly, with high visibility and without error,  to allow for effective monitoring of post launch variations in website usage.  The objective of this involvement was to safeguard against the loss of historical insights and site tracking on a tag heavy site, via a comprehensive auditing, testing and monitoring program, ensuring an uninterrupted and error free migration for go-live and beyond.


The SurfStitch Group had extensive tagging on their previous website. As noted, what they needed was a tag migration solution that could fully support the size and scope of the project, minimising errors, delivered in a timely fashion.

Our solution was to use DataTrue, a powerful tool for tag auditing and validation, monitoring and testing. DataTrue’s credentials are rooted in its ability to audit and validate website data quickly and easily, with the assistance of critical data reports for error resolution. It ensures critical workflows such as registrations, add to cart and checkout are working correctly and proactively monitors key user journeys and tags. In addition, DataTrue creates test interactions with websites and allows testing before and after deployment to protect against the loss of data. The benefits accompanied by ease of setup, made DataTrue the perfect solution for Incubeta to use to meet the needs of the SurfStitch Group.

Incubeta has partnered with and delivered a number of large projects using DataTrue for over 12 months. They were the first certified partner in Australia and have been pivotal in the products development via close collaboration with the DataTrue team. As such, we were able to effectively use DataTrue’s robust functionalities in a simplified manner, customising the tagging migration approach for SurfStitch. The intimate understanding and experience using the DataTrue made it simple for us to develop an error-free and trusted solution for The SurfStitch Group.

Success was dependent on an error-free migration with minimal impact to revenue as a result of the changes, and this was achieved with the use of DataTrue. The Incubeta team met expectations for the SurfStitch Group, ensuring that a solid foundation of tracking and reporting was carried out effectively, efficiently and to time. has a streamlined and trusted tagging system in place, with ongoing monitoring to ensure continued success.

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