Unlocking Engagement in the McVerse Creating a Unique Follower Acquisition Campaign for McDonald's KSA WS

“Working with the Incubeta team on the McVerse project was an absolute pleasure. Their exceptional creativity and out-of-the-box thinking led to an unparalleled execution that was never before seen in the McDonald's system in Saudi Arabia or the region. The effort they put into this project was truly outstanding, and the amount of engagement we've seen from it speaks for itself. Incubeta's innovative approach has set us apart from other QSRs and we couldn't be happier with the outcome.”
Fayrouz Hassounah
PR and Communications Lead at McDonald’s KSA WS


Despite its historical use of Instagram as a promotional tool, McDonald’s KSA WS has encountered challenges with follower fatigue and waning audience interaction. While the platform effectively boosts brand awareness, the brand’s repetitive use of promotional content has led to a decline in followers and community growth.

In light of these concerns, McDonald’s KSA WS tasked Incubeta with devising an interactive follower acquisition campaign. The goal of this campaign was to differentiate their channel from other regional franchises, pushing the boundaries of the Instagram platform to provide a unique and resonating user experience that encouraged repeated interactions.


Building on the trending concept of the MetaVerse, we conceptualized a scavenger hunt within a McDonald’s-themed digital world. Our team designed a vibrant toy town that was strategically divided into a 3×5 grid to serve exclusively as an Instagram campaign. 

Through the main profile link, users were transported to the immersive McVerse, prompting them to explore different areas of the town to uncover hidden codes and qualify for enticing prizes. To bring this vision to life, we meticulously crafted scamps and 3D renders for the central town and 15 distinct sub-locations, each linked to McDonald’s KSA WS menu offerings and key landmarks in KSA.

Clicking on the posts redirected followers to an Instagram profile, featuring a detailed street-level map divided into a 3×5 grid.  Participants were encouraged to zoom in on the artwork, where they could discover hidden codes for a chance at winning exciting prizes. The catch? They had to return to the homepage, follow the account, and send a private message to our awaiting community managers.

To generate intrigue and excitement, we utilized paid promotions and teaser ads. Additionally, we collaborated with ‘Tokyo Games’ to entice participants with a range of sought-after prizes.

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