Utilizing Facebook Ads Boosting Brand Awareness & Seat Sales

"Working with our digital agency Incubeta, we used Facebook to reach our target audience while tapping into a new market where we are competing with well-known local airlines. At a difficult time for the entire travel industry, we needed to measure the performance of our campaigns, and brand lift and conversion lift tools demonstrated the real value of Facebook ads."
Ágota Pfening
Marketing Manager at Wizz Air


Founded in Budapest in 2003, Wizz Air is a fast-growing, low-cost international airline. In late 2020, Wizz Air began to offer its first domestic flights within Norway, connecting its existing base in Oslo to Bergen, Tromsø and Trondheim.

Although the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic disrupted international travel at the start of 2020, demand for domestic flights remained high, particularly in Norway, a country whose geography means flying is often the most practical way to travel. Incubeta was tasked with producing a Facebook campaign that would attract new & existing travellers to Wizz Air’s new domestic routes in Norway.



To reach prospective customers, we created and targeted ads to lookalike audiences based on people in Norway who had booked with Wizz Air in the past.

We also targeted ads to people who were interested in things like ‘airlines’ and ‘travel’ or who were identified as ‘frequent travellers’ to reach new potential customers.

Additionally, to re-engage with people who already knew about Wizz Air, we targeted ads to Custom Audiences of existing customers and website visitors.

Together with Wizz Air, we used a Facebook brand lift study and conversion lift test to measure the effect of their advertising on both brand and performance, and to collect useful insights about market conditions and travellers.

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