2023 Updates Coming to Performance Max Campaigns

Performance Max (PMax) is a goal-based Google Ad campaign that uses machine learning to optimize ad delivery across a range of Google’s advertising platforms, including Search, Display, YouTube, Gmail and Discover. This means that your ads can be delivered to a wider audience, regardless of the device they’re using or the platform they’re browsing on.

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Designed to be easily set up and managed, with a simplified interface that makes it easy to create and optimize your ads, the main advantage of PMax is that it provides the first campaign experience for a goal. The campaign prioritizes and optimizes your expressed conversion goals and conversion objectives by:

  • Taking into account all the different objectives you may have and try to deliver the highest ROAS possible. 
  • This can be done because the budget is optimized across channels in real time, to quickly adapt to fast changing consumer trends.

Combined, PMax and Search campaigns are a power pairing. In fact, PMax will cover those areas that are not impacted to your Search campaign – which will use broad match keywords and Smart Bidding to exploit queries with a likelihood of conversion.

What are the latest Performance Max Features?

Google has recently launched new features with the aim of improving the results of these campaigns and their creation process, these are:

  • Account-Level negative keywords:
    • Maintain brand suitability and exclude traffic you don’t want to reach.
    • Apply to any campaign in your account that serves on Search and Shopping inventory, except the Discovery campaign.
    • These keywords can be in Exact, Phrase and Broad.
  • Video Creation tool:
    • Easily build high-quality videos directly within the PMax campaign workflow.
    • Videos can be created directly in PMax and from many templates available.

Tip: create various assets in different ratios and formats (vertical, horizontal, square) to give the AI tech a wider variety of videos to work with for different placements.

  • Experiments: Run two types of a/b test to evaluate PMax campaigns performance:
  • Test uplift from PMax: to understand the impact of running PMax alongside existing campaigns and so the benefit of cross-channel automation. Set a clear hypothesis, pick one of two metrics to gauge the success of the test, and use the same campaign setting as other comparable campaigns.
  • Test PMax vs Standar Shopping campaign: to measure the benefit of shifting from Standard to PMax campaign. Assess the value of AI cross channel campaigns. Run the experiment for at least 4-6 weeks to gather enough data.

What improvements and upcoming features will we be facing?

Google has announced new features and improvements to optimize the performance of our PMax campaigns. These are:

  • Page Feeds:
    • Allows you to specify which landing page on your website you want to send traffic to. This helps define the results from the search inventory. 
    • The Page Feed also interacts with the “final URL expansion”. When this feature is ON, Google’s AI will understand that those URLs are important but does not restrict its matching to them. If the “final URL expansion” is OFF, Google will restrict its matching to just the URLs on the page feed. 
  • Campaign-level brand exclusions: This can be applied only to PMax (and at campaign level). The aim is to control which brands your campaign matches to, and it will be applied to Search and Shopping traffic within PMax.
  • Assets Group reporting: This allows you to view conversions, conversion value, cost and a variety of other metrics at the asset group level.
  • Budget pacing insights:
    • Uncover opportunities to optimize your budget and performance.
    • See how much your campaigns have spent and are projected to spend.
    • Identify opportunities to redistribute your budget and drive more conversion.

Why Google Performance Max campaigns? 

By using machine learning to optimize ad delivery across multiple platforms and devices, PMax campaigns offer a number of benefits for businesses looking to improve their online advertising performance. 

If you want to enjoy the benefits of using Google Ads Performance Max campaigns and learn how to take these features to the next level, please reach out to us or contact us in marketing.es@incubeta.com and one of our specialists will contact you.


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