Introducing Google Looker Studio Identifying Trends & Building Reports for Charlotte Tilbury

The new dashboarding process has been a big success throughout the business - with management in particular having found the format helpful.
Emily Plant
Ecommerce Manager at Charlotte Tilbury


With an advanced Google Analytics setup and a huge amount of data being captured, Charlotte Tilbury were struggling to identify any trends and communicate these insights to the wider business. They also lacked a  sophisticated enough process for reporting on Google Analytics data, and were using a mix of ad-hoc analysis and basic powerpoint reports that did not reflect their progress in customized data capture and segmentation.

Incubeta was tasked with creating an effective tool to identify key trends and to help create reports – with an easy to navigate dashboard for Charlotte Tilbury to use that does not require substantial GA knowledge.


Incubeta proposed a complete overhaul of the existing reporting habits, introducing Google Looker Studio as an effective tool to identify key trends and to help create reports that could be continually maintained in line with Charlotte Tilbury’s advances in data capture.

We identified the KPIs valuable to the business and built a “health-check” dashboard that would allow at-a-glance trend identification. From here we centralized multiple GA reports by splitting out different areas including demographics and ecommerce platform.

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