Driving Business Growth with Google Marketing Platform & Google Cloud Increasing Sales at a Reduced Cost for Banco Azteca

“We needed a holistic view of all our prospects in order to offer them the most relevant products and services”
Montserrat Nava
Head of Digital Sales at Banco Azteca


Banco Azteca, strives to be customers’ top choice in digital banking. To help reach more potential customers and offer tailored financial solutions, the bank relies on its affiliate network.

With the data from affiliate networks in siloes, the bank needed an integrated solution that could aggregate data from all its prospective customers’ data sources, so that it could deliver a customized, more relevant website experience to their customers.

Incubeta was brought on board to bring this solution to life.


We created an ecosystem based on a single repository of data (first party data) that contains user habit and behavior patterns, which will be used by the different affiliates to profile the sale of different products (cards, credits, insurance) through hyper-segmented audiences for the delivery of differentiated messages through activation in digital media and personalized content on the web.

By using BigQuery, Incubeta was able to bring both affiliate data and Banco Azteca data into a single place – helping Banco Azteca do further analysis on their data. This allowed Banco Azteca to develop a better understanding of their prospective customers journey.

In order to customize the site for specific audiences, Incubeta (Extendo) helped Banco Azteca use Optimize 360. Once the audiences had been shared, the team  was able to build a site that had personalized experiences for each audience.

Banco Azteca was able to customize its campaigns. This means that people was able to see recommended products based on their online and offline behaviors with an affiliate or Banco Azteca. By communicating the right message to the right user, the bank is able to generate higher-quality leads, accelerating customer acquisition.

For more information please visit the following link: Banco Azteca Case Study

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