Driving Organic Success Increasing Search Visibility for Hyundai


Due to Covid, lockdown and economic downturn, search demand for Hyundai & car related searches took a sharp decline over April & May and have not yet recovered to pre-lockdown search demand. This meant that it would be challenging to increase the number of users visiting Hyundai’s website through organic search while there are essentially fewer people searching for this. The challenge was to increase both branded and non-branded visibility and organic sessions through creating a better understanding of the site by search engines, mainly Google.


The approach was to ensure Google had a better understanding of the website in order to increase the website’s visibility in the search results for both branded and non-branded searches. We started by creating a a metadata algorithm to add page titles & meta descriptions to web pages that target searches at scale. From here a script was written with the help of Hyundai’s dev agency that pulls in elements off the page & into the meta data for each relevant page. We then conducted a GMP audit to ensure that the listing works hand in hand with the website dealership pages.

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