Driving Performance for Telecoming Implementing Display Attribution with an Offline Conversion Import Solution

“We're constantly looking for innovative solutions that may help us to improve our achievement. Thanks to the partnership with Incubeta, we have increased our acquisition performance and optimized our campaigns. We are happy to see these results, and are already working on scaling this solution across several markets.”
Miriam Canales Toledo
RTB & Social Ads Manager at Telecoming


Telecoming was facing a challenge regarding the Offline conversion notification to GMP platforms (especially DV360) for data enrichment and improved attribution. Incubeta’s goal was to work on increasing Telecoming’s display performance. In addition to this, Telecoming’s digital team were looking to create a more efficient conversion notification process to improve CPL/uplift in conversion and take control over the optimization algorithm enriching with more data.


We worked on a plan to improve efficiency by developing the strategic approach and leveraging GMP APIs to automate processes. The Google Marketing Platform provides access to an API per platform, via a programmatic way of working – we could interact with those APIs to automate different kinds of projects, from Auditing to Reporting, improving clients’ efficiency while enriching the insights.

The process’ outcome consists of some solid performance improvements of the programmatic side. Helping Telecoming with the knowledge and tech support needed to carry over a solid offline conversion import project, leveraging CM360 API and DCLID ID Solution.

Incubeta supported Telecoming with the quality assurance checks, with in-depth analysis of the conversion import discrepancies.

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