Google Shopping Incredible results for Harvey Nichols


Like many others, UK-based luxury department store, Harvey Nichols, was looking to increase their online sales in international markets.

However, skepticism around Paid Search and the inability to run Google Shopping outside of the UK meant they were cutting off one of their most profitable e-commerce channels.


By using the API from Harvey Nichols’ e-commerce platform and combining it with their UK product feed we were able to produce a new feed for each currency, which would update in real-time in accordance with pricing fluctuations.

However, this didn’t resolve the issue of how to keep up with constant changes that would need to be manually uploaded to Google. In order to combat this, we created a system that would automatically upload the product feeds throughout the day.

This ensured website pricing matched the feed within Google Shopping.

Through the use of sophisticated algorithms, we created a strategy that automates everything from campaign structure adjustments, to bid optimisations and negative keyword suggestions, whilst driving incredible results.


One algorithm analyses the performance of each product individually (all 20,000+ products in the feed) and alters the bids accordingly. The better the performance, the higher the bid for the product.

We also created an algorithm which would suggest negative keywords for each product.

As an example, a child’s Fendi jumper will appear when a user searches “Fendi jumper,” as it’s usually cheaper. In most cases, this person is not going to be looking for children’s sizes.

The algorithm would then suggest that we negative out the [Fendi jumper] exact match term for kidswear to make sure we are only pushing products relevant to the consumer.

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