Onboarding Across Multiple Domains Educating Businesses with Incubeta

“Incubeta were able to help us understand what was truly happening with our channel performance, which allowed us to demonstrate the value of social media to our board and increase investment to benefit customer acquisition.”
Jo Halstead
Head of Marketing at ATG


With multiple ways the customer could progress through the website journey, and three different backend ecommerce platforms, ATG were having difficulties understanding their full customer conversion process. Despite onboarding to the full GMP platform, they were unable to quantify their true marketing effectiveness with these technical limitations in place. This prevented them from making use of the key GA360 benefits namely attribution and integration features.

Incubeta proposed a complete restructure of ATG’s Google Analytics account, including a brand new datalayer, tracking configuration and ecommerce data structure. We were tasked with onboarding the business fully onto GA360 – operating a clear and consistent set up across multiple domains. While educating the business on how to use data driven attribution for media planning.


We ran a Four D process to ensure thorough & best practice GA360 implementation. After an audit and full implementation, we then provided training to ATG’s in-house marketers on how to integrate attribution methods into their channel understanding allowing for improved targeting and therefore increased ROI across Search and Social in particular. Our training sessions were split by stakeholder seniority level.

We also ran stakeholder consultations to develop effective attribution groupings.

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