Optimizing Digital Campaigns Achieving Efficiency Through Best Practices

“Incubeta has been a great pillar in the growth of our digital sales, helping us to maximize the return on our advertising investments and thus achieve higher conversion and sales rates; this allows us to dream of a total digital transformation in the medium term. The knowledge of the life cycle and audience of our products in the execution of our digital guidelines has allowed us to have a constantly growing sales dynamic."
Elías Fernández
Marketing Director of Sorteos Tec


Sorteos Tec is one of the most recognized national lotteries in Mexico, created by Mexico’s most prestigious university: Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey. The purpose of Sorteos Tec is to give back to the community by using the proceeds of each draw to award scholarships to students.

At Incubeta, we have been collaborating with Sorteos Tec for several years, and from the outset, we have been dedicated to shaping their digital marketing strategy for ticket sales.

Sorteos Tec conducts several sweepstakes throughout the year, each targeting specific audiences. A significant challenge has been finding effective ways to reach different types of audiences who are interested in participating in sweepstakes through exclusively online purchases.

Over time, we have successfully identified these audiences enabling us to continuously refine our digital activations. Our ongoing goal has been to further strengthen the strategy and strive for excellence in executing campaigns, all aimed at generating efficiencies and delivering optimal results.


Our collaboration with Sorteos Tec capitalized on the wealth of historical data at our disposal, enabling the implementation of a full funnel strategy. We analyzed our approach by initially focusing on specifics before moving to broader considerations. As a result, budgets and advertising investment returns were tailored to the unique characteristics of each of the 13 sweepstakes. A detailed plan was created that allocated specific budgets for different media channels at each stage of the marketing funnel, aligned with the corresponding sweepstakes’. This plan was continuously fine-tuned based on campaign performance and the progress of each phase.

Despite challenges in the process, our achievement stems from our ability to utilize various platforms effectively. We accomplished this by implementing best practices and fully exploiting the capabilities of these platforms.

The success of this campaign is rooted in a well-defined strategy, accurate measurement, user knowledge, audience generation, and focused activation strategies.

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