Global Digital Transformation Standardization of Media Activity with Incubeta

Incubeta’s knowledgeable and international team has sped up and scaled up our internal digital media buying capabilities and tech knowledge. Their well-structured training and campaign support program has been paramount in accelerating our learning curve, providing more control and confidence in programmatic buying and resulted in significant media savings.
Daan Simonis
Global Media & Digital Marketing Director at Perfetti Van Melle


Perfetti Van Melle Group is an Italian-Dutch company of confectionery and gum, formed in 2001 Perfetti Van Melle is headquartered in Lainate, Italy, and Breda, Netherlands.

With over 150 employees across 15 global markets, and 30+ agency stakeholders, Perfetti van Melle wanted to ensure that digital activation was standardized worldwide and that all in-house market teams had the same level of digital experience. 

Incubeta was tasked with designing a standardized digital marketing blueprint to support all markets globally & ensure that every agency was equipped with the appropriate materials, had opportunity to input, and had a clear understanding of the process. 

With a series of time-zone based summits, local kick off sessions & cross-market meetings we harmonized the digital marketing activity to ensure a transparent process in everything from naming conventions to audience & media management.


To ensure quality and consistency throughout the rollout of this blueprint we designed a quality assurance program, which started with a series of virtual knowledge sharing sessions per market, across 3 major media platforms. 

Our goal was to ensure that markets could see digital the way we see it. Understanding what buying methods work best for Perfetti van Melle, ensuring that global brand standards were adhered too, and knowing what questions to ask their agencies that would drive knowledge shares to improve future campaigns. These training sessions were designed to help markets – with different levels of stakeholders – better understand the best practices of each technology. 

Putting the knowledge to practice, we developed a standardized platform scoring model that allowed us to work closely with markets and agencies across pre, mid and post campaign cycles. The scoresheet benchmarked each campaign against the global expectation as well as ensuring that all blueprint principles were successfully applied. 

Together with Perfetti van Melle we created a Learning Environment where every campaign included a planned Learning Agenda, with new techniques that could be tried and tested to generate results to inform future campaigns.

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