Using Google Paid Ads to Drive App Growth Driving Performance for Sanlam’s Savings Jar

“Working with the Incubeta team on this campaign was such a pleasure. We beat all our targets and were satisfied with the overall results and performance of the campaign. It has been extremely rewarding to see the impact we can make by empowering children with financial confidence from a young age so they can grow into financially confident adults."
Mariska Oosthuizen
Head of Brand - Sanlam


South Africa has one of the lowest savings rates in the world. Sanlam needed to inspire a new generation of savers by demonstrating just how magical savings can be. 

Sanlam’s  ‘Savings Jar’ app is an interactive savings tracker with a virtual AR dragon that grows every time a child adds to their virtual savings jar (the app also shares saving tips along the way to help keep kids engaged and encouraged to save more).

Sanlam engaged Incubeta to drive national awareness of their Savings Jar App – highlighting the product offerings, showing how Sanlam helps users “Live with Confidence”, and increase App downloads.


The campaign consisted of a high level, 3 phased approach that targeted relevant users across various sites to drive awareness and engagement within Sanlam’s ad messaging. Following this, we executed an ‘App Download Campaign’ which remarketed to those users – driving them to download the app. Numerous audiences (app download, non-app download, engaged users, unengaged users and lookalikes) were shown specific product messaging to drive product leads through this campaign.

We focused our campaign around the usage of YouTube, DV360, Programmatic Display and Google UAC.  We used YouTube specifically for its ability to connect with the right audience and the right demographic. Programmatic display allowed us to build awareness and consideration for the ‘Savings Jar’ app – using its ML solution to target, bid and format ads to reach new or existing audiences across multiple Google owned properties. This directly linked to our main KPI of highlighting the product offerings. We used Universal App Campaigns to target users across YouTube & Display that had previously interacted with the campaign – setting our main KPI as App install and running ads that encouraged people to click and install ‘Savings Jar’.

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