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Top 10 Benefits of Integrating Marketing within the Cloud

Throughout uncertain times marketers often find themselves having to pivot their strategy to match the status of the digital ecosystem – in a bid to both attract consumers and provide personalized experiences that match the needs of their intended audience. As a result, we’ve seen an increase in the usage of cloud based tools, to make information analysis more secure, flexible, and scalable – such as Google Cloud, which fully automates and manages database operations.

LATAM / Industry Insight / Life & Culture

Preparing New Professionals for a Career in Digital

At the end of the year, Incubeta LATAM was delighted to announce a partnership with KSchool to run the first Master in Digital Analytics, helping prepare new professionals for a specialist career in digital. This initiative arose based on the increased demand for experts in the LATAM space, following the significant traction that digital marketing is gaining.

LATAM / Industry Insight

Driving Success at El Buen Fin

With less than a month till El Buen Fin 2022, an annual nationwide shopping event in Mexico, we spoke to Incubeta’s Data Science Specialist, Ricardo Camarena to see how brands can streamline and optimize their campaigns to drive digital success across the four day event. Focusing specifically on the use of Machine Learning (ML), Ricardo discusses how brands can reach the right audience, at the right time with the right message.

LATAM / Industry Insight

Maximize Results Using Real-Time Dashboards

The use of dynamic and real-time dashboards has gained popularity as of late, due to their ability to allow advertisers to access and visualize data in a simple and straightforward manner. However, the functionality of dashboards isn’t the only important factor, the speed at which data is obtained and displayed is as important – especially in the lead up to time sensitive seasonal periods, such as #ElBuenFin in Mexico. The following content explores the use of reports, dynamic, and real-time dashboards and how advertisers can use them to maximize results across seasonal campaigns.

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