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South Africa / Industry Insight

Amazon’s Arrival in South Africa: A Game-Changer for the Global Marketplace?

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At last amazon.co.za has made its highly anticipated debut, offering South African consumers access to a new online shopping platform to challenge key market players such as Takealot and Temu. But what does this expansion mean for South Africa, and for the global ecommerce market?

South Africa / Industry Insight

Say Hello to Temu: South Africa’s Newest Retail Phenomenon

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The latest arrival on the South African retail scene, Temu’s recent market debut has certainly caused a splash, and perhaps spiked a touch of apprehension among local ecommerce players. Which bodes the question: how will local advertisers and brands navigate the terrain against the backdrop of internationally-backed giants like Temu and Shein?

South Africa / Life & Culture

Incubeta Insider with Lianne Godfrey

Introducing our latest blog series, ‘Incubeta Insider’, where we delve into the lives of our staff to give you a closer look. Join us as we explore their experiences within Incubeta and beyond. In this first edition, we chat with Lianne from our Cape Town office, discovering her journey at Incubeta, her relaxation rituals, and her insights on navigating the digital realm.

South Africa / Industry Insight

Specialists Spotlight – Digital Marketing Trends to Navigate 2024

In the landscape of 2024, data emerges as a key player, offering businesses a crucial strategic tool for steering towards marketing success and outpacing competitors. Our team recently conversed with industry experts to find out the essential digital marketing trends that South African brands should prioritize this year. Let’s explore the insights they provided.

South Africa / Industry Insight

Black Friday 2023 Unwrapped: Insights, Trends and Tactical Takeaways

Black Friday, the international shopping frenzy that first hit South Africa in 2014, has become a staple in the retail and e-commerce landscape. As we reflect on the recent Black Friday extravaganza, we sat down with Paid Media Managers Helga Ndawula and Cassidy Lassen to dissect key insights that defined this year’s shopping spree and extract actionable takeaways for brands aiming to optimize performance in the coming seasons.

South Africa / Industry Insight

Test & Learn with the New AI Powered Features on Performance Max

Google’s recent introduction of AI-powered features for Performance Max (PMax) presents a host of  exciting opportunities for advertisers. PMax represents the ultimate game-changer for advertisers to gain improved ROI and seamlessly integrate AI into their Google Ads strategy.

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