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Global / Industry Insight

Christmas in Summer? Why Your Festive Marketing Strategy Needs to Start Now…

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Despite the northern hemisphere beginning to heat up for Summer, businesses are looking past the aperol spritz and suncream, turning their attention to Q4 and their festive marketing strategy. Regardless of economic uncertainty, it’s going to be a busy year and now is the time to get your ducks in a row.

Global / Industry Insight

How to Avoid Keyword Cannibalization and Drive Total Search Performance

Unlock Your Search Efficiency

With CPCs up by 13% YoY and crowded SERPs diminishing organic clicks, search marketers can’t afford to ignore the inherent competition that exists between their paid search and organic search strategies, manifesting itself into keyword cannibalization.

Global / Industry Insight

3 Best Practices to Keep Growing Despite Stricter Privacy Law

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In response to European privacy legislation, companies mostly put their time and effort into becoming ‘privacy-compliant’. While important, compliance alone isn’t enough. If you want to continue to grow despite stricter legislation, then that requires a thoughtful approach in which you continuously prioritize user interests.

South Africa / Industry Insight

Amazon’s Arrival in South Africa: A Game-Changer for the Global Marketplace?

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At last amazon.co.za has made its highly anticipated debut, offering South African consumers access to a new online shopping platform to challenge key market players such as Takealot and Temu. But what does this expansion mean for South Africa, and for the global ecommerce market?

South Africa / Industry Insight

Say Hello to Temu: South Africa’s Newest Retail Phenomenon

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The latest arrival on the South African retail scene, Temu’s recent market debut has certainly caused a splash, and perhaps spiked a touch of apprehension among local ecommerce players. Which bodes the question: how will local advertisers and brands navigate the terrain against the backdrop of internationally-backed giants like Temu and Shein?

US / Industry Insight

What’s Next with Generative AI?

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While attending the Google Next Conference last month I was inundated with the truth about GenAI and what it actually means for us as marketers. Sure, the capabilities and possibilities are rife , but we can’t forget to be realistic and take GenAI at face value. To quote one of the speakers “GenAI skills are comparable to a college intern” – and you wouldn’t let an intern dictate your entire strategy would you…

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