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5 Minutes with Kevin Buerger, Incubeta’s US CEO

In our latest ‘5 Minutes With’ we sat down with Kevin Buerger, Incubeta’s new US CEO. Formerly the Global Chief Growth Officer of Jellyfish, Kevin spoke to us about Incubeta’s US growth strategy, his optimism for the future and what it means to be a part of the Incubeta family.

AMERICAS / Industry Insight

Why Brands Need to Seize the CTV Moment

It’s rare when consumer habits form an ideal synergy with the imperatives of advertisers. In the past five years, however, connected TV and over-the-top (OTT) growth has provided an unparalleled opportunity for marketers to reach better targeted audiences in a cost-effective way, all while yielding measurable, impactful results.

AMERICAS / Industry Insight

6 Accessibility Tips to Improve Your Customer Experience

The ultimate goal for any brand is to provide an experience for customers that makes them feel like they’re the only customer you care about. Call it personalization, call it an optimized customer experience; the goal is always to delight a customer enough that they want to engage with your brand again and again and encourage others to do the same.


AMERICAS / Industry Insight

Meta Ads in a Post iOS-14.5 World

Early in 2021, I was sitting in my home office doing my daily optimizations on an ad account for a rapidly growing fitness brand. Over several months, I had doubled their revenue from paid social while increasing their ROAS by about 50%. I was pretty happy with the results. 

My phone rang and it was from area code 650 (Palo Alto). Anyone who has run Meta ads for any period of time is used to receiving these calls on a regular basis. Like many of us, I can get busy and ignore those calls from time to time, but in this case, I decided to answer. “Phil…this is Heather from Facebook (now Meta). I’m just calling to see if you’re ready for iOS 14.5.” This conversation was eye-opening to say the least and it kicked off a months-long effort to get my clients ready for the upcoming iOS 14.5 release, which would present significant challenges to online advertisers.

AMERICAS / Industry Insight

Everything You Need to Know About Customer Experience

The topic of “customer experience” is a loaded one. Brands are being told that they need to invest in it, but what does that really mean? In our latest whitepaper, Incubeta offers answers to all of the burning CX questions brands are too afraid to ask, and provides a working guide to making the most of your CX efforts.

AMERICAS / Industry Insight

Social Commerce Closes the Gap Between Discovery & Purchase

With the pandemic serving as an accelerant for e-commerce, social commerce continues to stake its claim within online purchases. Every major social platform is looking to monetize the commerce driven by its content, and it’s a race to see who can innovate fast enough to win both shoppers and branded commerce budgets. All indicators point to the staying power of social being an entry point for brand and product discovery, filling the void at the top-of-funnel moment before customers know what they’re looking for. Instead of window shopping, consumers now browse their feeds for inspiration.

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