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We stay ahead of a fast-changing landscape. Learn what our specialists think about the trends, data and technology that are shaping consumer behaviour, and how you can positively respond.

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Christmas in Summer? Why Your Festive Marketing Strategy Needs to Start Now…

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Despite the northern hemisphere beginning to heat up for Summer, businesses are looking past the aperol spritz and suncream, turning their attention to Q4 and their festive marketing strategy. Regardless of economic uncertainty, it’s going to be a busy year and now is the time to get your ducks in a row.

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How to Avoid Keyword Cannibalization and Drive Total Search Performance

Unlock Your Search Efficiency

With CPCs up by 13% YoY and crowded SERPs diminishing organic clicks, search marketers can’t afford to ignore the inherent competition that exists between their paid search and organic search strategies, manifesting itself into keyword cannibalization.

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3 Best Practices to Keep Growing Despite Stricter Privacy Law

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In response to European privacy legislation, companies mostly put their time and effort into becoming ‘privacy-compliant’. While important, compliance alone isn’t enough. If you want to continue to grow despite stricter legislation, then that requires a thoughtful approach in which you continuously prioritize user interests.

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What the Digital Markets Act (DMA) Means for Google Advertisers

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In November 2023 the European Commission announced that Google has been ‘designated as a gatekeeper under the Digital Markets Act (DMA)’ – a comprehensive regulatory framework to protect consumers and ensure fair competition amongst key digital players (Meta, Amazon, Google etc.). This impacts all users and Google advertisers in the European Economic Area (EEA) – (please note that this does not include the UK). Additionally, in line with their privacy commitments, Google has since announced that they are expanding the scope of their EU User Consent Policy to apply to users in Switzerland.

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Navigating a Cookieless World: Google Analytics 4

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In the third piece of our ‘Navigating a Cookieless World’ series we’re exploring; Google Analytics 4 (GA4) – answering popular FAQs including: what is GA4, why was GA4 created, what are the key features (in comparison to Universal Analytics), and what is Server-Side Tagging.

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Navigating a Cookieless World: Enhanced Conversions

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In the second piece of our ‘Navigating a Cookieless World’ series we’re exploring; Enhanced Conversions – answering popular FAQs including: what is Enhanced Conversions, how to set up Enhanced Conversions and the different types of Enhanced Conversions.

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