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Mexico / Industry Insight

Change of Strategy: Focus on Small Data and Wide Data

We are becoming more and more familiar with the term Big Data, the large amount of information that can be obtained from records on digital platforms. It is characterized by variability, speed of generation with complex processing, veracity and the value it brings to the marketing of a company.

Mexico / Industry Insight

Start Implementing Your Audience Strategy

Remember that the information found on digital platforms helps us to better understand the user, their interests, and needs, to know what they are like, what you can offer them and what products to design so that they become your customers.

Mexico / Industry Insight

The Privacy Dilemma and The World Without Cookies

Organizations are at a crucial moment due to the relevance of user privacy in the digital world due to new regulations, changes in data collection and usage policies, browser configurations, and the elimination of third-party cookies and device identifiers.

Mexico / Industry Insight

GA4 Helps You Achieve High-Value Reporting

Here are details of GA4’s intelligent functionalities that give us data on registered users under the principles of anonymous IPs, that is, taking care of people’s privacy to generate high-value reports.

Mexico / Industry Insight

GA4 to Analyze Online and Offline Purchases

In a previous blog, we explored the possibility of activating predictive audiences of the Google Analytics 4 (GA4) platform from e-commerce sites. However, to obtain metrics that are more limited to a type of business, there is the possibility of make implementations between different data sources (online and offline) to obtain an automatic learning model and enhance the results.

Mexico / Industry Insight

Cloud for Marketing: A Must-Have Tool to be Customer-Centric

The pandemic caused by COVID-19 brought major changes in all aspects of life. In terms of technology, there was a phenomenon of massive adoption by segments of the population that seemed far from preferring digital transactions to physical ones, but who, having no other choice, became increasingly “digitalized.” Other groups that already preferred this dynamic increased their use, becoming almost exclusively digital.


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